Co-creation Workshop

If the workers of a company that they intend to close become successors to the ownership of the company, through a workers’ cooperative, the company will coexist with a different, participatory, equitable management model, which allows for consensual decisions and whose purpose is business viability and job maintenance.

The cooperative offers a great capacity for self-regulation. The partners will decide aspects such as working conditions, organization, and operation of the company.

The co-creation workshop’s purpose is through a kind of brainstorming to explore the followings: what are the current perspectives of workers buyout? Problems and obstacles? What solutions can we find? Any policy pointers?

The event is targeting project partners and invited guests interested in worker buyouts to collect diverse viewpoints and experiences to find answers to the above posed questions.  

All participants of the workshop are encouraged to contribute. Each group is asked to select one note-taker in addition to the facilitator who leads the group conversation.

The outcomes will be built in the WINS project final report and will be shared on the project online final conference on the 18of March, 2021.

Download the agenda
Download the Conclusions and Policy Pointers