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Economic democracy magazine by Association of Works Councils of Slovenia

Original title: revija Ekonomskademokracija

The Association was founded in 1996 as an autonomous professional association, operating on a voluntary basis. Its nation-wide collective membership is composed of company-based works councils from various fields. In 2021 there were on average 110 collective members. While affiliation is growing, the number of members continuously fluctuates due to numerous restructurings of companies and a high rate of insolvency. However, on average the number of workers covered by the Association through their works councils has been around 100.000, which is a relatively high coverage in the real economic sector, considering Slovenian circumstances. On the other hand, there are almost no works councils in the private non-economic sector (civil servants, private institutions) due to a lack of applicable legislation. The Association has its own rules and working bodies as well as a membership fee, which has been agreed on by the members and whereby it finances its activities.

Aims and activities

1. Ensuring an established advisory service for works councils members

2. Instituting a system of education and training for works council member

3. Exchange of best practices between works council members

4. Focused research and study of the system of workers’ participation

5. Development Q/ the ‘industrial democracy movement’

6. Ensuring a sustained influence on legislative activity

7. Development of international cooperation

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Language: Slovenian