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WINS Video Stories

7 video stories were created and promoted by Diesis Network. We believed that videos were a very powerful way to disseminate the project and raise awareness of the different topics discussed and tackled during the workshops. All videos were recorded on ZOOM and edited by Diesis Network. All the videos showcase the logo of the project, as well as the ones from the partners and the flag and disclaimer of the EU.

All the videos are available on the WINS project playlist. Fin them here.

Video 1 – Trade Union involvement in the creation of new cooperatives of workers. The case of Food4me. Watch it here.  

Video 2 – The European ESOP Model. Watch it here.

Video 3 – Workers’ involvement in turbulent times: restructuring, transformation and workers’ buyout processes in Spain. Watch it here.

Video 4 – WBOs in Italy. Watch it here.

Video 5 – ICP rights within social enterprises in North Macedonia. Watch it here.

Video 6 – The WINS project by Diesis Network. Watch it here.

Video 7 – Democracy at Work – Message from Isabelle Schömann, ETUC. Watch it here.