Legacoop Produzione & Servizi

Legacoop Produzione e Servizi is the Italian National Association representing the production, labor and service cooperatives belonging to Legacoop, born from the merger between Legacoop Servizi and Ancpl.

The evolution of the reference markets in the service, manufacturing and construction sectors, now increasingly interconnected, and the desire to make a contribution to the renewal of corporate representation, have led the two National Associations, respectively active since 1955 and since 1975 in the representation of labor cooperation in Legacoop, to undertake an integration path, started in November 2016 with the establishment of the Work Area and completed on November 30, 2017 with the birth of the National Association Legacoop Production and Services, starting from 1 ° February 2018.

Legacoop Production and Services wants to be alongside the associated companies to respond to the challenges posed by the modernization of national and international markets, internationalization and technological innovation. It conducts its representative action inspired by the principles of legality, social and environmental sustainability; it supports the growth of existing businesses and the promotion of new cooperatives. The protection and development of employment and the enhancement of the role of the working partner are at the heart of its commitment.