Public is an independent, policy oriented – research and advocacy organisation. They are closely monitoring the developments in the field of social inclusion, social entrepreneurship, social innovation and social impact with special emphasis on sociological phenomena that contribute to the democratisation processes in the society.

The “Public” vision is a society with equal opportunities for all in which the citizen is aware of his role and power for generating positive social changes. Their mission is based on the identification of shortcomings in the society by offering research-based solutions in order to raise awareness and strengthen the capacities of stakeholders at the institutional and corporate level, as well as strengthening the role of the citizen in the society.

Public provides expertise in the fields of welfare and social policy development, particularly in areas where multi-disciplinary approaches, integrated policies and inter-sector action are called for. Public is a leader in Macedonia in tracing the road to the development of ecosystem for the social enterprises, through research, analysis, impact measurement, policy influence and capacity building.  They developed an innovative tool for measuring the impact of the third sector and that can be used and adapted to social enterprises.