Svobodni Sindicat Slovenije

ZSSS is a voluntary and democratic organisation, independent of political parties, parliament, government and religious communities, founded on 6 April 1990. The association is funded solely by membership fees and project work.

Our representativeness and efforts to establish a high level of social dialogue give us the leverage to negotiate the contents of collective agreements and participate in the Economic and Social Council where we, together with the government, coordinate law proposals and other documents affecting workers. Social and other agreements related to salaries and specific economic and social affairs are concluded in the framework of a tripartite partnership. ZSSS has representatives in all social security institutions and three representatives in the national council.

Our goals are achieved through negotiations, agreements, strikes or mass manifestations. The advantage of ZSSS and its members over other trade union organisations is its regional union organization network that allows them to provide, in the entire territory of Slovenia, at their regional organizations’ head offices and in a number of local trade union offices, legal, professional and other assistance to their members near their place of residence and work.